Vessel Registry

Vessel Name IMO Reg. No. Call Sign Flag NRT GRT Year Built
GSL Maren (Formerly MV Ravel) 9504592 D5ZX8 Liberia 12941 26374 2014
Westwood Columbia 9226047 C6SI4 Bahamas 13477 32551 2002
Westwood Olympia 9226061 9V9009 Singapore 13243 32551 2004
Westwood Rainier 9226035 9V9003 Singapore 13476 32551 2002
Westwood Victoria 9226059 9V9006 Singapore 13476 32551 2003
Port Vila Chief 9614488 9V9711 Singapore 11819 25483 2012
Tonga Chief 9614490 9V9712 Singapore 11808 25483 2013

Features and Benefits

Our new vessels incorporate many changes designed to enhance the service provided to our customers. We combined our own experience in the trade with customer and supplier input to identify opportunities to include in the new vessel design. Working with technical design teams we were able to incorporate many of these features into the final product.

Conbulk Vessel Feature Benefits
Increased service speed
  • Increased schedule flexibility and reliability and performance
  • Increased container capacity
Automatic ballast trimming
  • Maintains best load/discharge condition
Increased cargo hold depth
  • Increased cubic capacity for forest products
  • Increased space under deck for hi-cube stowage
Side ballast tanks
  • Improved ship stability, which has positive impact on cargo care
State-of-the-art, 45-metric-ton gantry cranes
  • Improved control, efficiency, and reliability and increased production
Automatic offshore rain shield in addition to forward/aft main shields
  • Faster deployment, cargo care, and reduced downtime
Increased gantry crane capacity (45 metric tons)
  • Increased ability to handle cargo without H/L cranes
Raised and elongated bow section
  • Container protection and speed-keeping at sea
Environmental safety improvements
  • More environmentally friendly (e.g., inboard fuel tanks, ballast flow-through system) with reduced risk of incidents
Improved controls and handling of shipboard cranes
  • Improved cargo care and safety